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Tiger Impact Group

What is TIG? TIG stands for Tiger Impact Group and was established in 2019 as a program of the Transylvania County Schools Educational Foundation (TCSEF) to support further career exploration and leadership development for Rosman area students. In the summer of 2019, a conversation began around better supporting students so they could be better prepared for college, careers, and life beyond high school. A group of community members stepped up and partnered with school leadership and TCSEF to clearly identify the needs, challenges, and obstacles students face and TIG was born.

What is the purpose of TIG?
To enhance future possibilities for our students. Our goal with this program is to empower students and equip them with the skills they need to be leaders in their own lives, to show them what success can and does look like, and give them space to dream about their own future. Most importantly that they are capable and deserving of success if they are willing to work hard and believe in themselves. The TIG team is dedicated to helping students develop a customized road map to success that will take them well beyond high school graduation.

Who does TIG serve?
TIG serves all students at Rosman and Lake Toxaway area schools. Rosman Elementary School, TC Henderson Elementary School, Rosman Middle School, and Rosman High School.What ways will TIG serve students? TIG will serve students through a variety of formats that are designed to meet the individual student needs. Each format can be customized based on career interest and the leadership/life skills topics needed to achieve student goals during their school years and beyond. 

“The partnership between the students and staff of Rosman Middle School and the Tiger Impact Group, through community speakers or the Fast Track to Success mentorship program, is in its early stages, but the multi-generational impact is already being felt. Having the privilege of meeting with mentors, mentees, and their families has been life-changing already in the western end of Transylvania County. In addition, students have heard from a variety of speakers who are making connections to possibilities of futures not previously understood by many middle school students. The Tiger Impact Group is opening doors and providing future options for a community of students and we all look forward to the contained collaboration for a long time to come.” 

Scott Strickler

Principal , Rosman Middle School

Formats are as follows:

Fast Track to Success

One on one mentoring with post high school scholarship. Mentors meet weekly with a mentee to discuss and develop pertinent life and leadership skills, explore career possibilities, and develop a “road map” to a successful future beyond high school graduation.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers- TIG will invite a diverse group of community members into the schools to share personal stories of success, how they have overcome challenges, and how their life experiences have made them who they are today. The goal is to expose students to a variety of careers and paint a picture of what success looks like and show students what is possible. Speakers can speak in large (entire student body) or small (individual classrooms or groups of 10-15 students) group settings.


This format will be used to explore and learn about specific careers and/or topics in more detail in a panel discussion with multiple speakers on a given topic to a selected group of students.

Internships and Apprenticeships

Once students have had the opportunity to explore a variety of careers and have narrowed their career interest, they will have the opportunity to get real world experience through internships or apprenticeships.


Volunteers are needed in a variety of capacities at all schools from in the classroom directly working with students to administrative support roles to teachers and staff. All volunteers will be required to meet and pass all screening requirements outlined by Transylvania County Schools.