Supporting the children and educators in TRansylvania County









TCSEF Board Members Commitment

We are advocates for public education.

We are committed to students and educators of Transylvania County Schools. We seek resources that can be used as assets to help prepare students for the next level of education.

Each Board Member supports the objectives of Transylvania County Schools and the Education Foundation and partners in hopes to create a better learning environment for each student.

Executive Committee

The TCSEF Executive Committee consist of our Executive Director or President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and special committee chairs responsible each for maintaining crucial pieces of the Foundation.  As Leaders of the organization, the executive committee leads the organization of the Foundation, management of the Foundation, and fund-raising opportunities.


TCSEF Board Members

Executive Director

  • Jen Rutan Heatherly

Executive Committee

  • Frances Bradburn, President
  • Kathy Bailey, Secretary

Board Members

  • Carrie Norris
  • Liz Dobbins-Smith
  • Glenda McCarson
  • Martha Fout
  • Madelyn McKeller Offen
  • Sarah Hysong
  • Karen Darity
  • Tyree Griffin 
  • Jessica Robinson
  • Jeff Bannister
  • Adam DeWitte
  • Katherine Cabe

Public School Partners

Transylvania County Schools

Transylvania County Schools provide exceptional learning and 21st century global preparedness through a nurturing and comprehensive educational approach that prepares children for lifelong success, responsibility, and citizenship.

Located in rural western North Carolina, the district includes four elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative school.

Through its continuous improvement efforts, Transylvania County Schools has earned recognition as one of North Carolina’s top-performing school districts.  The system nevertheless strives for even better results, and is committed to realizing its fundamental mission by ensuring that every student receives a world-class education and graduates as a caring and productive citizen who is well prepared for success in an ever-changing society.

Visit Transylvania County Schools website to read more.