Scholarships: Our Named Funds

Advocating for public education

Formerly the Washington DC Close Up Scholarship. This scholarship has been expanded to include any learning opportunity that allows a rising high school student in Transylvania County Schools to explore a career or field of study they are interested in. Example: NC State College of Design- Design Camp, PARI Space Camp, Camp MasterChef, Savannah College of Art and Design Summer Seminar, Economics for Leaders at Wake Forest University. The possibilities are endless!! If you have an interest in a specific career we want to support you as you explore it further. Students that will be in the 9-12th grade in the 2020-2021 school year are eligible.

Experiential Scholarship

The Experiential Learning Scholarship is a $1700 Scholarship for any TCS High School student to attend an experiential learning opportunity of their choice. This program is formally the VOSO Leadership Fund that provided for a Washington DC experience for a rising junior or senior in a Transylvania County high school through the Close-Up program, www.closeup.org. In 2020, we are renaming this fund to expand the opportunity to pursue an experience that compliments a field of study and facilitates career exploration for students. The student should be someone who is interested in striving for excellence in their own academic performance and can effectively articulate how the chosen experience can positively impact their academic goals and future career success.

The Cornelius Hunt Memorial Endowment

The Cornelius Hunt Memorial Endowment which provides funds for the benefit of African-American students within Transylvania County.  The amount available for grants is approximately $1500.00 per year.  This endowment makes awards to support educational enrichment and academic achievement for African-American students.  It is the intention of the endowment that the students will realize progress and success as they reach beyond their present situations to become productive role models.

Contact the Education Foundation at foundation@tcsnc.org or call (828) 513-0389 for more information about The Cornelius Hunt Memorial Endowment.

The Jim Bob and Dottie Tinsley Communication and Education Scholarship Fund

The Jim Bob and Dottie Tinsley Communication and Education Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to a graduate of the TCS who is a rising junior or senior at an accredited university, college or technical college, whose studies have an emphasis in the field of communications or education.