Grant Awards

By serving our students, teachers, and administrators, we provide a way for people to invest in the value of education.


2020/2021 Grant Awards

& Brevard Elementary School
  • Heather Corn
    Building Engineers and Creative Thinkers
  • Heather Corn
    Bringing art to the PreK playground
  • Lauren Koons
    2nd Grade STEAM Task Boxes and Portable Lego Wall
  • Charlene Cali
    Project S.T.E.A.M.
  • Lisa Pauer
    Turing Tumble Mechanical Computers
  • Lisa Pauer
    Cozmo A.I. Robots
  • Jeanne DeJong
    Going Green: Creativity in the Classroom with a Green Screen
  • Deanna Campbell
    Brain Games and Logic Puzzles
Brevard Middle School
  • Meredith M Guice
    9 Square in the Air – BMS P.E.
  • Justin Ausburn
    Expanding Creativity With Desktop Fabrication Tools
  • Jeff Micchelli
    Raspberry Pi Projects – Micchelli EC


Brevard High School
  • Colby Guice
    Construction Elevations
  • Jessica Whitemire
    Grab Your Ball Jars!
  • Adria Hardy
    Math Team Resources
Davidson River School
  • Noelle Fehn
    Introduction to STEM Field Studies
Pisgah Forest Elementary
  • Renee Brown
    Weather Tools
  • Melony Hipp
    Main Street, A hands-on Economics Project
Rosman Elementary School
  • Crystal Holland
    Supporting Diverse Learners
Rosman Middle  School
  • Laura Smith
    The Inspiration Station
Rosman High School
  • Julie Queen
    Fluency Matters
  • Jennifer Bolt
    Twisted Paw Pretzels
Rosman Elementary & High School
  • Heather McNeely
    Modeling At The RHS Farm
Rosman Middle & High  School
  • Josh Galloway
    Farm to Fork with Hydroponic Herb Garden


Brevard, Pisgah Forest, TC Henderson & Rosman Elementary Schools,
  • Cathy Zandecki, Alyse Hollingsworth & Rae Parker
    Code and Create with Robo Blocks
  • Alyse Hollingsworth, Cathy Zandeck, Rae Parker
    KIBO’s for Kids
All Transylvania County Schools
  • Renee Compton
    Community, School, and Family – Teaming for Resources

2019/2020 Grant Awards

Brevard Elementary School
  • Renee Compton
    Community, School, and Family – The Perfect Team
  • Deanna Campbell
    Muddy Sneakers: Outdoor Classroom
  • Charlene Cali and Alyse Hollingsworth
    Makerspace 101- Innovation Stations
  • Deanna Campbell
    Flexible Seating
  • Nancy Frady and Carrie Norris
    Only one me and I am “rocking it!”
    Brevard middle School
    • Emily Atkinson
      Serigraphy in Middle School Art
    • Meredith Guice
      Construction Gaga Ball Pit
    • April Nelson-Hawkins
      Shakespeare in Spring
    • Sarah Kennedy
      SMART Board Interactive White Board
    Brevard High School
    • Katrina Ronneburger
      Premiere Video Yearbook for All
    • Jennifer Williams and Bain Brown
      TIME for Larger Screens
    • Missy Ellenberger
      Slide Into High School! Every Minute Counts
    • Jessica Whitmire
      Under Pressure
    • Matthew Tuckey
      Consumer Electronics
    Davidson River School
    • Noelle Fehn
      Hellbender River Snorkeling Adventure
    Pisgah Forest Elementary
    • Whitney M Gordon
      Muddy Sneakers 2019
    • Kristi Clark
      Main Street,  A Hands on Economics Project
    Rosman High School
    • Amy Schoenacher
      Stained Glass
    • Katerina Canter
      Music Technology Update
    • Stephanie Ramsey
      Life Savers
    Rosman Middle & Rosman High School
    • Alana Marshall, Sarah Justice, and Stacie Dotson
      Word Up! What’s your word?
    • Sarah Justice
      Crazy for Cubes

    2018 Grant Awards

    Brevard Elementary School
    Buzzing Around BES with Bee-Bots
    Creation Stations
    Growing Plants and Young Minds!
    It Just Makes Sense
    Leveling the Playing Field
    Muddy Sneakers: BES 5th Graders Outdoor Classroom
    Tinker Thinkers Toolbox
    Tisket a TASKet
    World Peace Game Facilitator Training

    Pisgah Forest Elementary School
    Main Street, PFE: a Hands on Economics Project for 2nd Graders

    Rosman Elementary School
    Bright Star Touring Theater Summer Tour
    Pedaling Our Way to Better Focus and Learning

    T.C. Henderson Elementary School
    Cue the Robots!
    Makey-Makeys for Makers
    Real World STEM Challenges

    Brevard Middle School
    When Reading Gets Real!!

    Rosman Middle School
    Hand Tools for Art
    The W.A.Y. (The World Around You)

    Brevard High School
    Frame a Dragon
    Gallery Frames and Pedestals
    Microscopes and Microscope Cameras for Veterinary Assisting and Science Courses
    Portable Poultry Netting
    SLIDE into High School! Every MINUTE Counts!!!
    The Right Tools for the Job

    Davidson River School
    Aquaponics Garden Kit
    Encouraging a Sense of Community at DRS
    Using Gaming Technology to Engage At-Risk Students
    Yearbook Supplies

    Rosman High School
    Anatomical Models for Learning
    Growing the Community
    It’s the Little Things

    2017 Grant Awards

    Brevard Elementary School
    Muddy Sneakers: BES 5th Graders Outdoor Classroom
    3D and Me
    Catch a Mouse to Make Working on a Chromebook Easier
    Going Places with Google Cardboard

    Pisgah Forest Elementary School
    Exercise Pedaler for ADHD Students
    Full STEAM Ahead with Chromebooks at PFE
    Sensory Integration Toolbox: Teaching the Whole Child

    Rosman Elementary School
    Children’s Author at RES
    Let the Games Begin!
    Listening to Read: Time to Upgrade
    Muddy Sneakers: RES 5th Graders Outdoor Classroom

    Brevard Middle School
    Getting Fit
    Graphic Novels in the Spanish Classroom
    Stand-Up Desks for Odyssey Program
    The Juice Squad

    Rosman Middle School
    Moving and Grooving
    We Come in Peace! The Robot Invasion
    We’ve See Europe. Now Where Are We Going?

    Brevard High School
    Calculus in Motion/Algebra in Motion
    It’s All About the Bass
    New York Times Upfront Magazine by Scholastic Subscription for ENG 9/10
    Portable PA System for Fine Arts at BHS
    Video as Voice: Using the Power of Video to Tell Our Stories

    Davidson River School
    College Visits
    Healthy Exercise/Healthy Eating for Healthy Living
    Mapping America in 3-D
    Project Rebound’s Annual Service Project: An Educational Community Screening of the Documentary REJECT

    Rosman High School
    Full Steam Ahead Spanish
    Health Models for Teaching
    How Does Your Garden Grow?
    Pop Some Tags

    Morris Education Center
    Video “Power Tools”

    2016 Grant Awards

    Brevard Elementary School
    Muddy Sneakers: BES 5th Graders Outdoor Classroom
    Bee a Pollinator Partner
    Weekly STEM Challenges
    BES Weekly Buzz
    On Cloud Nine Technology Station

    Pisgah Forest Elementary School
    Muddy Sneakers, PFE 5th Grade
    Hydroponic Vertical Gardening

    Rosman Elementary School
    Global Awareness for 3rd Grade
    Era’s in American History

    TC Henderson Elementary School
    TC Henderson School Garden

    Brevard Middle School
    Stand Up for Success
    Freedom Writers
    Programming our Future: Engineering Success

    Rosman Middle School
    The W.A.Y. (World Around You)
    LabQuests for RMS III
    Rosman Robotics

    Brevard High School
    Battle of the Battery-Powered Buggies Off-Road Challenge
    Professional Lighting and Green Screen
    BHS Student Council Teambuilding Retreat
    BHS Jazz Band Performance Pack

    Rosman High School
    T-shirt Company
    Back to the Drawing Board
    Where in the World is Rosman, NC?
    Rosman Sound Equipment Upgrades