A few 2018/2019 grant winners:

•Amy Schoenacher and Sarah Justice from Rosman High were awarded $712 to take students to the Chihuly exhibit at the Biltmore Estate. A group of art students were able to take their trip this past May.

•Third grader teacher Hayley Leland was awarded $670 for her grant “Growing Plants and Young Minds.” With the funds she was able to purchase equipment and supplies for science students to grow squash and milkweed in their classroom under artificial light and then transplanted the seedlings in May.

•Jessica Webb and Mandy Blake at Davidson River School were awarded $430 for their grant “Encouraging a Sense of Community.” Along with the school’s student lead leadership team, Webb and Blake’s grant was able to expand their Rebound Program by establishing Davidson River School News. The funds were used to purchase audio and digital equipment to allow students to create and deliver school announcements through the school intercom system as well as record and upload the news segments to the school website.